How To Install NVIDIA DLSS Mod In Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game, has garnered attention for its stunning visuals and expansive universe. However, for those looking to enhance their gaming experience even further, the NVIDIA DLSS mod offers a significant boost in image quality and performance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install the DLSS mod for Starfield


NVIDIA’s DLSS is an AI-driven technology that uses machine learning to upscale lower-resolution images in real time, providing gamers with sharper visuals without the performance hit typically associated with high-resolution graphics. This means smoother gameplay with higher frame rates, even on ultra settings.

DLSS in Starfield

Natively, Starfield offers FSR 2 as its upscaling option. However, the modding community has introduced the option to integrate NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.5 and Intel’s XeSS into the game. This DLSS mod not only enhances Starfield’s image quality but also improves performance and FPS.

Downloading the Necessary Files

  • StarfieldUpscaler, UpscalerBasePlugin, and nvngx_dlss_3.5.0: Begin by downloading these files. Once downloaded, extract the folders.
  • Upscaler Base Plugin: This is a dependency plugin developed by PureDark. You can download it from Nexus Mods.
  • Official NVIDIA DLSS File (nvngx_dlss.dll): This file should be placed in the mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder. More details can be found in the UpscalerBasePlugin’s description.

Installation Process

  • After extracting the downloaded files, open Starfield’s game folder and paste the contents of StarfieldUpscaler.
  • Navigate to the new folder named “Mods” and open the subfolder called “UpscalerBasePlugin”.
  • Copy the contents from the UpscalerBasePlugin folder you downloaded and paste them into the UpscalerBasePlugin located in the Mods folder.
  • Next, copy the nvngx_dlss.dll file and paste it into the main UpscalerBasePlugin folder.
  • The DLSS mod offers six different presets, each catering to specific player requirements. Choose from Presets A to D, but avoid Presets E and F as they are not optimized well.

Launching the Game with DLSS

  • Launch Starfield as you normally would. Once in the game, press the END key on your keyboard to access the DLSS settings.
  • Ensure FSR2 is enabled in the game’s video settings, as the DLSS mod replaces the FSR implementation.

Choosing the Right DLSS Preset

There are six DLSS presets available:

  • Preset A: Minimizes dropped inputs and focuses on performance.
  • Preset B: Similar to A but with a greater emphasis on performance.
  • Preset C: Balances performance and quality modes.
  • Preset D: Focuses on image stability.
  • Preset E & F: Not recommended due to optimization issues.

Choose the preset that aligns with your gaming needs. For instance, if you prioritize performance, opt for Preset B. If you seek consistent input, go with Preset A.

Starfield is undoubtedly a visual masterpiece. By integrating the DLSS mod, players can further enhance the game’s visuals and performance. With this guide, you can now enjoy a more immersive and consistent Starfield experience.

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