ASUS, a leading name in the world of technology, recently showcased an array of innovative motherboard designs at the BW2023 event. The highlight of the show was the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO Evangelion Limited Edition motherboard, which is sure to excite fans of the popular anime series.

image Via Pcpop

This unique motherboard is designed with the Evangelion Unit-02 as its inspiration, featuring the iconic red armor paint and a touch of orange. The Evangelion theme is deeply integrated into the product, from the packaging to the software. The chipset heat sink even sports a special particle ink process to mimic the feel of mecha armor, fully immersing users in the Evangelion atmosphere.

image Via Pcpop

The motherboard’s I/O armor is meticulously designed with Polymo dynamic lighting effects, displaying two EVA Unit-02 patterns. One depicts the mecha itself, while the other features the character Asuka Langley. The motherboard also supports dynamic flow effects and AURA SYNC, embodying the unity of man and machine. The CPU socket area incorporates AT field elements, highlighting the motherboard’s robustness and its ability to unleash the full potential of the CPU.

ASUS also introduced its backside motherboard concept, “BTF,” which stands for “Back To the Future” and “Beautiful.” This concept is a testament to ASUS’s commitment to meeting gamers’ needs and leading the future of DIY. The company has consistently introduced forward-thinking ideas, shaping the direction of the DIY industry.

image Via Pcpop

The ASUS B760 backside motherboards, including the TUF GAMING B760M-BTF WIFI and the TX GAMING B760-BTF WIFI, move many cable-connecting interfaces to the back of the motherboard. This design not only enhances aesthetics but also simplifies cable management. The full-coverage armor further enhances the look, showcasing a rugged competitive aesthetic.

The introduction of backside motherboards demonstrates ASUS’s strong R&D capabilities and proves that there is still room for innovation in DIY hardware design. Whether backside motherboards will become increasingly popular remains to be seen, but ASUS is certainly leading the charge in this exciting new direction.

News Source: Pcpop