Kick Streaming Rules/Guidelines 2023

In today’s digital age, online streaming platforms have become a hub for content creators and viewers from all corners of the globe. With the aim of fostering a diverse community and upholding the principles of …

In today’s digital age, online streaming platforms have become a hub for content creators and viewers from all corners of the globe. With the aim of fostering a diverse community and upholding the principles of fun and safety, Kick has introduced its comprehensive guidelines to establish acceptable behavior on its platform. These guidelines are designed to set fair and reasonable boundaries, ensuring that users can enjoy their streaming experience to the fullest while respecting the rights and well-being of others. As Kick is a new platform, these guidelines may evolve over time based on user feedback and the collective journey we embark on together.

General Restrictions: Promoting Safety and Ethical Conduct

Kick prohibits any activities and materials that are harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal. Users must not encourage or engage in conduct that violates Kick’s terms of service, privacy policy, copyright policy, or other policies. This includes refraining from sharing or creating content that contains nudity, explicit sexual activity, fraud, scams, invasions of privacy, threats, harassment, or excessive unwanted attention. Impersonation of individuals or organizations, defamation, sharing personal information without consent, spamming, sharing harmful misinformation, and promoting self-harm or violence are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, any content that constitutes or encourages hate speech based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or other protected attributes is not allowed. Users are also expected to respect Kick’s resources and rewards, avoiding any manipulation or artificial means to gain an unfair advantage or violate the platform’s rules.

Copyrighted Materials: Respecting Intellectual Property Rights

Users must not transmit, publicly perform, publicly display, or reproduce copyrighted material without authorization from the copyright holders, unless allowed by law. Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited on Kick. This includes refraining from sharing movies, TV shows, sports matches, music, and other creators’ content without the necessary rights. Kick takes copyright infringement seriously and will take appropriate action against offenders in accordance with legal requirements.

Sexually Explicit Content: Fostering a Safe Environment

To ensure a safe and inclusive community, Kick prohibits sexually suggestive content. This includes erotic or sexually suggestive dancing, clothing, commentary, viewing of explicit content during streams, and the use of sexually suggestive emoticons, avatars, images, or links.

Username Policy: Promoting Accountability and Respect

Kick reserves the right to change or suspend user accounts without notice if their username is suspected of impersonation, trademark violation, profanity, hate speech, or racial slurs. Inactive or impersonating usernames may also be suspended or released to maintain a healthy user environment.

Gambling: Prohibiting Gambling Activities

Gambling with other users on Kick is strictly prohibited. This includes any form of “buy-in” using Kicks, as well as sweepstakes and lotteries. Streaming gambling games, such as online poker or blackjack, may be allowed depending on the laws and regulations of the user’s country.

Mature Audience (18+): Properly Labeling Adult Content

If a user’s content contains mature or not-safe-for-work (NSFW) material, it must be appropriately tagged as 18+. Certain sections, like hot tubs, may have this tag automatically applied, but it remains the user’s responsibility to ensure proper labeling. Kick reserves the right to manually or automatically apply the 18+ tag and take further action in cases of repeated disregard for mature labels. Examples of mature content include 18+ video games, smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive profanity, casino or gambling-related content, game nudity, and graphic depictions of violence or criticism of religious or political positions.

Content Labels: Accurate and Responsible Streaming

Users are expected to accurately label their streams and content, using appropriate sections and titles. Kick reserves the right to make changes to stream titles or categories to ensure consistency and compliance. Titles, tags, and profile content that include hate speech, profanity, racial slurs, trademark violations, brand or organization impersonation, or bullying, impersonation, or mocking of other creators are not permitted.

Enforcement: Upholding Guidelines for User Protection

To safeguard the platform and its users, the Kick team reserves the right, with or without warning, to take various enforcement actions. These actions include changing content labels to 18+, muting accounts in Kick chats and forums, removing moderator privileges, imposing restrictions on accounts, removing or hiding content, disabling, suspending, or banning individuals and accounts, and making changes to categories, titles, usernames, or profiles.

By adhering to these streaming guidelines, Kick users contribute to the creation of a safe and enjoyable environment for all. With the evolution of the platform and ongoing user feedback, Kick aims to refine and enhance these guidelines to foster an inclusive and vibrant community of content creators and viewers. Together, let’s embrace these rules and embark on a remarkable streaming journey on Kick!

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