Best Skyrim Mods January 2021

Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing video game that supports massive modding and even though it is a decade old game now but it still somehow manages to keep a huge number of players involved …

best skyrim mods January 2021

Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing video game that supports massive modding and even though it is a decade old game now but it still somehow manages to keep a huge number of players involved and playing the video game due to its interesting and exciting mods. The mods keep introducing new things such as new mechanics, a tweak to overall graphics of the game. The game is so mod oriented that if you can dream it, you can put it in the game. Mods have changed the scope of Skyrim ever since it was released back in 2011. The longevity of Skyrim is thanks to players and modding community enthusiasts, supporting and adding new elements to keep the game more than alive. Skyrim has a huge variety of mods, some of the best (Obviously an opinion) are discussed here.

Best the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mods for January 2021

Duel Combat Realism

This mod is for players who want to explore more than what Skyrim already possesses and has to offer. For eternity, this mod will change the way you battle in Skyrim. You will have to focus on various things in this mod including your stamina bar which was on a large scale ignored in the main game. This mod brings a dark Souls kind of vibe to Skyrim making it more engaging and challenging.

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Relighting Skyrim

This mod allows you to have a modern looking Skyrim within a matter of minutes. You’ll have those better-graphics and better-looking characters and environments as video games have gone through an overhaul since Skyrim was released. Relighting Skyrim mod will change the lighting, make the edges more defined and sharper so that you get to see every little detail in the game.

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Pit Fighters

If someone told you, there can be a new faction in Skyrim that has its questline with gladiator-style battles and whatnot, would you be not excited. Well, the Pit Fighters mod does exactly that. You will have to slaughter your way through a ton of people to become a champion fighter, this adds to the perk of being a Dragonborn with a gladiator.

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Open Cities

The traversal mechanics in Skyrim are amazing and all but you still have to deal with the dreaded loading times in the game whenever you go a different part of the city. Well, the Open Cities mod makes exploring new cities even more fun as you get uninterrupted access to go wherever you want in the city. No longer will you have to suffer through breaks in the gameplay and you can continue on your merry slaughtering quests without a hitch.

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Climates of Tamriel

This is a weather and lighting mod that will have you looking at the skies in wonder and disbelief in Skyrim. This visual mod will help to bring the best out of ENB like SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB and Realistic Lighting Overhaul’s interior lighting.

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Run For Your Lives

This mod gives the NPCs in Skyrim some sense as they will run for their lives when a mythical creature like a dragon attacks their village. You won’t have to look out for silly villagers wanting to take on a dragon by themselves and risk losing their lives.

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The magic in Skyrim has a legendary reputation in the world of video games and through this mod you can have more immersive spells that bring out some of the best and creative gameplays ever seen. Apocalypse mod just by itself can you give a wholesome experience and enjoy the game in such a way that you’ve probably never experienced.

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Pretty Combat Animations

This mod allows players to have more fun and more immersive combat. Slaying enemies with all the character’s strength is cool and all, but it’s not that attractive and lacks flow and grace.

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Towns and Villages Enhanced

This mod tweaks the villages and towns, where you wish to have the game visually updated and everything to look a bit more real. This mod enhances every object of the game i.e. Villages, Trees, buildings and river and give them a modernistic look and feel.

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Monster Mount

You’ve probably ridden a Horse in Skyrim but what’s more interesting than to ride any creature you see in Skyrim, You can take a ride on a werewolf or any other creature with this mod and change travel forever.
In our opinion, these are the best mods in Skyrim to make things more interesting and exciting.

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And that concludes our list of best Skyrim Mods for January 2021. If you have any suggestions for the February list, leave a comment down below.

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