Apple Vision Pro To Have Multiple Battery Options? Firmware Leaked

Recent leaks suggest an intriguing twist for Apple’s forthcoming AR headset, the Apple Vision Pro: it might offer not one, but three different battery capacities.

The firmware for the Apple Vision Pro, revealed Thursday evening, showed that the headset would contain a non-removable battery. What caught attention was the indication of three distinct battery capacities, as reported by AppleInsider. This intriguing detail first came to light when Twitter user Aaron posted about the firmware version and mentioned one battery model tagged as A2781. The other two models were noted as A2988 and A2697.

This leads to speculation that Apple could sell the Vision Pro with a choice of three battery pucks, each with different capacities. However, the tech giant has not confirmed these reports, nor has it commented on whether users can swap the battery puck to prolong the device’s runtime.

Further intrigue comes from an earlier leak about a specialized cable for the Apple Vision Pro. Notably, this cable lacks a USB-C port, hinting at a unique charging solution developed by the company.

According to the leaks, one of the battery models for the Vision Pro could have a capacity of just 6,500 mAh. While Apple hasn’t confirmed this, the company has mentioned that the AR headset would last about two hours on battery power alone.

With an expected launch in early 2024, Apple is already preparing its physical stores for customers eager to try out the Vision Pro. If the rumors of multiple battery capacities prove true, Apple might set the price above the expected $3,499, based on the chosen battery’s capacity. However, we’ll have to wait for an official word from Apple to know for sure.

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